Having learnt this story, M. Amaffi started working with historians, genealogists and DNA specialists to restore the honour of her ancestress’ family name, this great perfume artist who had suffered from the cruel customs of that period. She decided to establish her own perfume house: AMAFFI Perfumes. This decision was followed by the lengthy and challenging task of studying ingredients, exploring perfume making technologies and other skills and practices necessary to guarantee the success of this enterprise. Although she was not a professional perfumer, she possessed intuitive knowledge and was a sophisticated connoisseur of fragrances. She considered this house, not as a commercial venture, but as the means by which great classical perfumery would be reborn. Great fragrances are masterpieces as precious as great paintings or classical plays. M. Amaffi has been working for many years with the best perfumers in the world. This project has culminated in the creation and presentation of prodigious perfumes to the world: masterpieces sought-after by connoisseurs. Today, AMAFFI Perfume House is proud to showcase these fragrances with a sales launch in its own boutiques.