Napoleon was once passing through a town in the South of France. While crossing a small square, he noticed a perfumer’s shop, where on a narrow table, several perfume bottles were displayed.

Napoleon, famous for his passion for perfume, requested they bring him a few bottles to sample. The fragrances were so dazzling that Napoleon gave the order to take the perfumer to his court. Thus, the perfumer arrived in Paris followed by a woman who never left his side. Napoleon ordered the perfumer to create a distinctive fragrance for him, a unique scent that would be his only, one unlike any other existing in the entire world.

After several months of exhausting artistic explorations at the court, the perfumer created an intoxicating fragrance, so magical, that it enraptured not only Napoleon, but also anyone privileged enough to smell that perfume. Napoleon admired the magnificent aroma and favoured the master perfumer in all possible ways. But the perfumer had a secret: these exquisite fragrances were created not by him but by the mysterious beautiful woman who never left his side. It was impossible at that time to imagine women might be the equals of men, and even the idea of a female perfumer would be considered inconceivable and viewed as an astonishing joke.

Napoleon was delighted and ordered the stunning fragrance only be accessible to him. Time passed. One day, one of the servants who had the good fortune to experience the fascinating perfume, smelled the scent on the woman who always accompanied the perfumer. The servant immediately informed Napoleon, who outraged, gave the order to execute the perfumer.

The unfortunate truth was that the woman who followed the perfumer like his shadow, worked to create this scent and it sank in her skin. To save her life, she had to escape. She ran away and took refuge with her family in the South of France, and later on, moved further away to Italy with other relatives. Shattered by these tragic events, she renounced her perfume making skills forever. She married and her maiden name – AMAFFI – disappeared. This story was passed down from generation to generation. It was told to M. Amaffi by her great-grandmother. It was this picturesque adventure that aroused her natural passion for sumptuous fragrances and noble perfumes.