AMAFFI Perfume House has developed an original collaborative work approach with perfumers. It plays the role of “Chief Conductor of the orchestra” and associates itself with the best perfumers in the world. Renowned in the perfume industry, having worked with the most prestigious perfume houses, these master craftsmen harmonize complete creative freedom with respect for the centuries old art of perfume making in order to create exceptional perfumes: an impossible achievement in mass market and modern “niche” perfumery.


We us the rarest and highest quality natural ingredients.

We use only the rarest and highest quality natural ingredients that comply with IFRA regulations.

Our focus is craftsmanship and art. Our perfumers have the creative freedom to conceive and develop the most extraordinary fragrances without being concerned by the cost of ingredients.

Unworried by profit margins, unlike the mass-market, we invest significantly in our product and do not follow trends.

The creative perfumers who work directly with M. Amaffi make decisions, rather than marketers or distributors.