AMAFFI offers an original approach to perfume design with a new category of perfumes. AMAFFI uses the most exotic and most expensive natural ingredients in its compositions including the absolute of champaca, agarwood, rose centifolia from Grasse, and narcissus. For example, to obtain 300 ml of narcissus – it is necessary to process a half-ton of flowers.

AMAFFI uses only the rarest and highest quality natural ingredients that comply with IFRA regulations. AMAFFI gives perfumers the creative freedom to choose raw materials and rare essences from around the world. Perfumes contain no colouring pigments apart for the natural colour of essential oils.

AMAFFI perfumes are like expensive wines. The characteristics of their ingredients are influenced and may change depending on the gathering season, the weather conditions, or the phases of the moon. One of AMAFFI’s great achievements is attaining stability, projection and sillage along with a high perfume concentration.

To ensure the speed of fragrance formation, AMAFFI uses only alcohol in its perfume making process; never water.

Water has a “memory”. Water structure changes as a result of contact with various substances and people. Excluding water from the perfume formula, AMAFFI eliminates the possibility of any impact of the water “memory” on the fragrance and those who wear it.

The first application of an AMAFFI perfume is its first contact with skin moisture. Alchemy then occurs, and fragrance transforms itself in each case and becomes unique.