Perfume creation features

AMAFFI Perfume House has always worked in synergy with master perfumers. AMAFFI embodies the role of an orchestra’s Chief Conductor to guide these celebrated artists to sublime olfactory heights. With AMAFFI, they can harmonize complete creative freedom with respect for the centuries-old art of perfume-making to create exceptional perfumes: an impossible achievement in today’s mass market and modern niche perfumery. 


AMAFFI uses only the rarest and highest quality natural ingredients that comply with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations. Our focus is craftsmanship and art. Using exceptional ingredients, our perfumers have the creative freedom to conceive and develop genuine perfume masterpieces. Indifferent to trends and unworried by profit margins, unlike the mass market, we invest significantly in our product. Creative decisions are not made by marketers and distributors but by the perfumers who work directly with Madame Amaffi. 


As each scent journeys from raw ingredient through production to the wearer, it’s vital to note that AMAFFI creates pure perfume without the addition of water, which simplifies the sophistication of natural oils and makes the notes less prominent. Instead, AMAFFI uses alcohol to dilute the oil, never water. As a result, each perfume immediately reveals its beauty, and the concentration of aromatic compounds in AMAFFI perfumes averages 22 percent. Once each fragrance is created, it is housed in a bottle of exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting the character, mood, and name of each fragrance. AMAFFI’s in-house design bureau oversees the production of a patented high-quality vessel for each fragrance that is meticulously decorated by hand with precious stones and crystals, with some bottles featuring an innovative crystal atomizer and others featuring more than 2,000 crystals. These unique bottles, embellished by gold and silver plating, serve as collectibles and are considered pieces of art on their own, meant to last forever. The creation of a single AMAFFI perfume can take more than two years from inception. And since AMAFFI’s process is an art form, both intentional and imaginative requiring extraordinary expertise, the fragrances are produced in extremely limited quantities.