Individuality of perfume bottles

AMAFFI bottles are worthy vessels for housing perfumes and reflect the character, mood, and name of each fragrance.

AMAFFI’s design bureau is responsible for the concept and design of each bottle. Top-ranking global factories then manufacture the bottles.

In spite of technical difficulties of working with crystal – in the past, bottles came with a polished crystal stopper which made application rather hazardous – with patience and mastery, we created a ground-breaking crystal atomizer for our Ovation, Forever Tango, and Arcanum perfumes.

This creative process is lengthy and complex and takes from two to three years from conception to completion. All AMAFFI perfume bottles are patented.

Gold plating, silver, hand-affixed crystals, and other precious materials embellish these treasures, such as Power, Richness, and Glory from our Royal Collection. In particular, the women’s bottles feature over 2,000 crystals incorporated into their opulent design through meticulous artistry.