Individuality of perfume bottles

Each AMAFFI bottle tells the story of the perfume it holds even before its scent captivates you. Embellished by gold and silver plating, hand-affixed crystals and other precious materials, these ornamental vessels, as treasured as their contents, reflect the character, mood and name of each fragrance. Power, Richness and Glory, the women’s perfumes from our Royal Collection, feature over 2,000 crystals in their opulent design. With meticulous artistry, AMAFFI also created a ground-breaking crystal atomizer used for our Ovation, Forever Tango and Arcanum perfumes. AMAFFI’s design bureau conceptualizes and designs the bottles, which are then manufactured by high-ranking international factories. This lengthy and complex creative process can last three years, from conception to completion. All AMAFFI perfume bottles are patented.