Perfume uniqueness

Only the most exotic and precious natural ingredients are used in AMAFFI perfumes: agarwood, absolutes of champaca, iris, narcissus and rose centifolia from Grasse.  The perfumes are naturally pigmented with these essential oils. Raw materials and rare essences from around the world are chosen depending on the gathering season, terroir, climate and the phases of the moon.  The resulting fragrance compositions are as balanced, complex and harmonious as luxury wines.  

One of AMAFFI’s impressive achievements is attaining stability, projection and sillage along with an elevated perfume concentration. To ensure the speed of fragrance formation, AMAFFI uses only alcohol in its perfume-making process. It excludes water from the formula because it has a “memory”  and its structure changes when exposed to diverse substances and people, affecting the fragrance and its wearer.  When an individual applies an AMAFFI perfume for the first time,  a fascinating alchemy occurs as this communion of skin and perfume creates a scent unique to each wearer.