AMAFFI only uses the rarest and highest quality natural ingredients that are approved by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and the brand follows IFRA’s recommendation for the safe concentration of natural components.

The ingredients are sometimes hard to attain, yet the most exotic are always used. Among AMAFFI's favourite ingredients are precious rose cent-feuille which are produced and grown in Grasse, France. As well as Jasmine, Iris, Narcissus, Magnolias and Orchids. In addition to the flowers used, there is Sandalwood, Ambergris and Oud. The range of ingredients are very extensive which creates a distinct scent.

To obtain 300ml of Narcissus oil or Jasmine oil, we must collect a half-ton of flowers. Iris oil is produced from the root, not the flower itself. Therefore, sometimes we must wait three to four years for enough oil to be produced. The process of creation of the Amaffi fragrances is very complex but the smell they exude is definitely worth it.