Every AMAFFI perfume is an incomparable work of art, evoking deep emotion and sincere pleasure for all those who endure each unique scent. Known for the utmost quality, it extracts the finest raw materials from around the world to achieve the highest standards in the art of perfumery.

At the core of every scent, fragrance creation starts with the soil. Depending on the terrain and weather conditions, ingredients of the same quality can achieve different aromas. AMAFFI sources its materials from highly experienced farmers around the world; places such as Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia, and Australia, and incorporates its own proprietary technology to meticulously age and ripen its ingredients to the desired composition.
With deep admiration and respect for its partners working on the land and the plantations from which it sources, AMAFFI has established trusted relationships that allow for intimate and singular understanding of the highest quality extractions. For example, the rose centifolia utilized in its perfumes is unlike any other rose scent. The blooming period is only 20-25 days a year, and AMAFFI cultivates a true partnership with the family sourcing this material so it can capture petals moist with dew from the early mornings only.
Obtaining the richest iris oil in the world requires an alignment with partners who condition the root 3-4 years before even considering its incorporation into the fragrance. Due to the unprecedented quality of their ingredients, AMAFFI fragrances have both an incredibly high perfume concentration and sillage. All fragrances unfold with striking, beautiful notes that have the ability to endure for days.
Ingredients are more than just chemical compositions to AMAFFI. Each element has a story and a special connection back to a farm in an incredible part of the world that triggers indelible emotions and memories for its wearer.